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My name is Anita Olmos Osburn.

I am a Creative Director, Art Director, and Graphic Designer who specializes in tabletop games and active sports. I have 20 years of professional design experience, and over 10 years as a Creative Director.

Let's make a game!

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About Me

I specialize in making the creative process easier for game developers. I have designed and art directed over 100 games! As a graphic designer, I offer top-quality design services tailored to meet your game creation needs. With a wealth of experience working with global brands, my expertise lies primarily in the table-top game and entertainment industries, as well as the action sports sector.

As a strong designer and Creative Director, I am dedicated to achieving exceptional design outcomes while meeting deadlines. I thrive in a professional and creative work culture, fostering collaboration with in-house teams, client teams, licensors, contractors, and external agencies to ensure successful project outcomes. My passion for cohesive messaging, typography, color, and tactile materials enables me to excel at achieving challenges across various components and platforms.

Drawing inspiration from the world, I am an avid traveler and design enthusiast. Over the years, my focus has been on designing captivating games that bring joy to people's lives and encouraging people to get outside.

My little family explores the world while I passionately design games when we can. We have experienced diverse cultures that profoundly influence my creative process. The world serves as our playground, our classroom, and an endless source of inspiration. Let the games begin!

Notable companies I have had the opportunity to work with:

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