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My name is Anita Olmos Osburn.

I am a Creative Director, Art Director, and Graphic Designer who specializes in Tabletop Games. I have 20 years of professional experience, and over 10 years as a Creative Director.

Let's make a game!

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About Me.

Working with global brands, my experience lies in the table-top game / entertainment industry as well as the action sports industry.

I am a strong leader who believes in equipping team members to achieve high levels of design; while meeting deadlines and accomplishing optimal results from my remote staff and contractors across the globe. Whilst maintaining a professional and creative work culture, I am highly collaborative with in-house team members, clients, licensors, and outside agencies to achieve objectives and results. 

I keep a healthy dose of hands-on-design in my schedule to keep up with technology and trends—plus I just love the nitty-gritty. It’s the love for typography, color, tactile materials, and cohesive messaging across components and platforms that helps me thrive when presented with a challenge and any learning opportunity!

If life is a game, then I am playing the best I can with the cards I have been dealt. It took me a while in life to discover that I could swap out some cards. My husband and I decided the “traditional” American life was not for us. We give up the fancy cars, fancy clothes, and fast paced life. Instead, we sold most of our possessions and chose a nomadic lifestyle abroad. We lived months at a time in Costa Rica guiding nature lovers through mangrove rivers in kayaks — and when we would run out of money, we would return the States to work for several months then do it all over again.
Fast forward fifteen years and we are still traveling and I am still designing games. Our children have been to more countries than the average person. We enrich our lives with diverse cultures which in-turn enriches my creativity. The world is our playground and our classroom. Game on!

Notable companies I have had the opportunity to work with:

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