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Artisans of Splendent Vale Box
Artisans of Splendent Vale Character Books
Artisans of Splendent Vale Cards
Artisans of Splendent Vale Character Sheets
Artisans of Splendent Vale Character Sheets
Artisans of Splendent Vale Rulebook
Artisans of Splendent Vale Dice
Artisans of Splendent Vale Box

“Artisans of Splendent Vale" is a cooperative roleplaying game set in a land of adventure and magic. 

My role: Creative direction, game logo design, overall game look, iconography designs, card user interface design, wooden meeples designs, book covers, book slipcase, action book layout design, art commissions, character sheets with maze designs, counter dials, pencils, and color system.  


The challenge: To build a new world based on the writings of Nikki Valens where players get a full immersive game experience with extensive game components. We developed in-world character concepts, monsters, map terrains, sources of magic, an in-world written "language", color systems, creative worksheets, and more. Supportive items were also developed such as game themed erasers and pencils. I commissioned 194 pieces of art and 28 maps for the game. 


The game was then translated into marketing web banners, print ads, and online videos on social media sites. The game reached 20 times its goal on Kickstarter. 

Credits: The game design mechanic and story was created by Nikki Valens. Illustrations by Cleonique Hilsaca, Lisa Pearce, Lil Chin, & MK Castaneda. 'Artisans of Splendent Vale' was produced and published by Renegade Game Studios. 

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