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Overlight Roleplaying Game Book Cover
Overlight Roleplaying Game Book
Overlight The Skyborn Symbol
Overlight The Lodge Of Visions Symbol
Overlight The Circle Of Clear Ink Symbol
Overlight Spirit Dice
Overlight Roleplaying Game Logo

“Overlight” is a roleplaying game set in a world torn into shards.

My role: Game logo design, book look and layout, dice design, and supportive iconography design. Co-art direction. 


The visual design extends to all the game materials including the core book, adventure booklets, dice, game-master screens, and more. The game was funded over five times the goal on Kickstarter.

Credits: The World of Overlight is written by Paul Alexander Butler and George Holland. Illustrations for the core game are by Kwanchai Moriya. Overlight is produced and published by Renegade Game Studios. 

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