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Dicey Goblins Box
Dicey Goblins Retail Box
Dicey Goblins Dice
Dicey Goblins Coins
Dicey Goblins Logo

“Dicey Goblins" is tabletop game where goblins steal dragon eggs!

My role: Design of game logo, packaging, and game components including the iconography of the dice, and plastic coins.

The game logo is meant to give a sense of weapons and inventions potentially used by the goblins in their quest to obtain dragon eggs. We chose to keep the dice in the logo as generic pips to be able to expand the “Dicey” product line in the future.  

Credits: Box illustration and characters are by Jacqui Davis. Game design is by Steve Ellis and Tyler Tinsley. Dicey Goblins is produced by Renegade Game Studios. 

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